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Porta Potty / Outhouse -- Occupied!
Porta Potty / Outhouse — Occupied!

If you want to rent portable toilets for a construction site or a social event like a music festival, large garden wedding or footrace or marathon, or if you want to purchase portable toilets for your portable sanitation business, you have come to the right place! If you are looking for unusual porta-potties, or maybe portable shower or laundry facilities, these pages will help.

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Rented portable toilets (porta-potties) are used at large social gatherings like protests, concerts and races; at construction sites and at homes with septic tank problems.

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  1. I was asked to find out how much it would cost to purchase a Portable toilet, with hand sanitizer unit, for use in a Small Community Park with playground and a deck hockey rink.
    I know it is approx. $128.00 a month to rent one, with weekly upkeep and hand sanitizer. They where looking at having it year round. Would it be more cost effective to purchase one as opposed to renting one? Is there a warranty, and what would that cost, if one was purchased? How long is the warranty for and what does it cover it?

  2. Desire rental and service for three lavatories and one wash stand…from mid-April thru November… adjacent to Visitor Center at Rest Area on Interstate 195 East in Wareham MA. Would appreciate email contacts for companies providing service near this location…. and they will receive more detailed price quote information.

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