Types of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets / porta-potties are available with a variety of features (and prices).

Standard Units

Standard portable toilets have a non-flushing commode with holding tank, a separate male urinal, toilet paper dispenser and sometimes hand sanitizer dispenser. These units would be used at construction sites, foot races and similar events.

Enhanced Units

These portable toilets have a flushing toilet (generally with recycled blue liquid from the holding tank, like on an airliner), sink with running water with a foot pedal pump, an interior light and mirror, a toilet tissue dispenser, sometimes a paper towel dispenser and a soap dispenser. These units would be used at nicer and night-time events.

VIP Units

These are the best portable restrooms. They typically feature fresh-water flushing toilets and sinks with running water, interior lights and mirrors, a toilet tissue dispenser, paper towel dispenser and a soap dispenser. VIP units are generally mounted on a trailer. These units would be used at nice outdoor weddings and similar events.

Handicapped-Accessible Units

These special portable toilets have a wide no-step entry and are roomy enough for a user in a wheelchair. Local officials may be able to provide guidance on how many of these units are needed for the anticipated crowd.

Wash Stations

Free-standing wash stations are located near the porta-potties. One station may have two or 4 sinks. They have soap and (frequently) paper towel dispensers. Sometimes an optional warm water wash (which requires electric power) is available.

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